Centre for foreign languages ELA (formerly English Language Academy) is the first school for learning foreign languages in Sombor, Serbia. The school English Language Academy was founded in 1993 by Jasna Stojkov with a heartfelt vision and goal to provide different approach to education and creation of better future. In difficult times, when nothing nice ever happened in this region the school provided sort of an outlook and exit to the world where we were not able to go. The “world” came to Sombor with English teachers from America, Australia, and England.

ELA organised classes of English language in local kindergartens where the children were taught by the English native speakers.

Program “Tea at five with Rose and Nicolas” was broadcasted for a year on Sombor local radio “Spektar”.

Owing to Jasna’s diligent work on gathering the books on English language, the city of Sombor gained a large and significant library which today contains over 3.000 titles, and is open to all interested.

Final celebrations on English language and masquerades which were organised in the National Theatre and in the City library were a joy to many parents and children. At the same time children improved their English language and communication skills and got to know other cultures.

ELA established cooperation with the British Council and created an opportunity for all students from Sombor to take the First Certificate Exam at “home”.

In the years when few people could travel abroad, groups of students from ELA and Vojvodina went to England on summer courses together with teachers which had a chance to refresh and enrich their methodology.

In 2009 the school was taken over by Jasna’s daughter Aleksandra Stojkov as principal. She continued the family tradition under a new name Centre for foreign languages ELA.

Today school offers general and specialised courses of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, and Serbian language for foreign speakers. In addition to the language courses Studio ELA offers a variety of translation services.

Centre for foreign languages ELA cooperates with British Council in Belgrade, Goethe institute in Belgrade, French culture centre in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Spanish Cervantes institute, AYUSA International, Egida International, Entrepreneurship Development Institute in India and other educational centres.

In past 24 years of existence over 3.000 students of different age have passed through the school.