Apart from General and Business English courses we offer specialised courses for:

  • Business communication
  • financial English
  • English for tourism and jobs on ships,
  • we organise remedial classes for students of primary and secondary schools for English, German and French language
  • conversation courses
  • preparation for entrance exams for the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, or for studies abroad
  • English for Army and Aviation
  • English for people with visual impairments.

Business Communication (English) for businesses and individuals is a course that provides the knowledge and skills for writing a CV, business documents and letters, preparation for interviews, business ethics, intercultural business communication, public speaking, presentations, business meetings, management and effective time management, nonverbal communication, and more.

The course is organised by model and in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute in India (EDI, Ahmedabad, India).

Business and Financial English are courses for preparation of the Cambridge Business English Examination (BEC) and International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE). BEC has three levels: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher.

The ICFE course and exam is for all those who consider starting or have already started to build their carrier in Accounting or Finance and for financial professionals who already have a successful carrier. This exam will be an important addition to their CV and it will help them to further develop their carrier.

Remedial classes for primary and secondary school students

Remedial classes for primary and secondary school students are organised through individual lessons.

We offer remedial and additional classes in English, French, and German.

Give us a call and we will determine the appointments for your classes.

English for the Army and Air Force

English for the Army and Air Force is a specialised course organised to prepare military personnel for purposes of language use in international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions and examination by the NATO standard STANAG 6001.

English for people with visual impairment

English for people with visual impairment is a course for children and it is mainly focused on communication.

Classes include grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking, and they are organised individually or in a group.

The course is filled with many creative games and adapted to the possibilities of the participants.

Special requests

Centre for foreign languages ELA is ​​willing to organise and provide specialised classes on request of an individual or a company in addition to existing courses.