ELA Library deserves a special story. It is the story about great friendship, support, commitment and love towards literature and education.

The Library has grown over the years, along with the School. The first boxes full of most versatile titles in English were being sent form the city library of Zürich, where Ms Radmila Bazler lived. After more than 20 years, we are all thankful to Radmila who, during the wartime period of the nineties, sent packages of world classics, contemporary literature in the field of medicine, management, social-political books, numerous biographies of people famous throughout the world, love, crime and horror noves, poetry collections, books about sports, travels and world cuisines. The books were being held at the customs for weeks, even months, patiently waiting to come to Sombor and to become a part of ELA Library.

One such package contained the complete collection of the original National Geographic magazines from the period of April 1977 to April 2000.

As the School has been educating learners of different languages, ELA Library has been enlarged and complemented by titles in different languages.

A great gift containing books in French has been provided by Srđan Luković. The titles contain the most famous classics and contemporary literature in French.

The Italian titles in the library were kindly provided as a present by Marija Šarac, our teacher, and by her wonderful husband Gualtiero, who moved the library from Italy, where they used to live, to Sombor, when they came to live.

The books in Hungarian were given as a present by the wonderful teacher Kristina Benjak who worked with children at our school for a few years.

The books in German were bought by the school and provided as a gift by our learners.

In the summer of 2020 ELA Library has grown once more by a large donation from the private library of Dragan Stojkov. Among the many books in the field of arts, there is a complete collection of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Many thanks to all of those who support the work of the Centre for foreign languages ELA and who present books in various languages in order for our learners to be provided with the unique literary experience. We give it back in the same way, by keeping the ELA Library open and free of charge to be used by all of its pupils.